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Monday, August 22, 2011

Different layer of thinking

There was a couple,after eleven years marriage,having the first child.This couple love each other more than before.Naturally,the child is the treasure of both. One day, the child at the age of two,when the husband going out,he saw there was a bottle of medicine which was opened on the table.Because he was in a rush,he shouted to his wife to take the opened medicine away,then he rushed going to work.At that time,his wife so busy working in the kitchen,then she forgpot what her husband told her to do.
Their child picked up the medicine bottle and feel so curious because the drug medicine was so colorful and attractive.Then the child drank the whole bottle of medicine.The medicine was so strong,even the adult can just drink a little bit only.Certainly,the child was overdose.The mom sent her child to hospital at once.However,there was no way to bring him back.The woman was so scared that her child was passing away.She don't know how to face her husband.When the nervous dad arriving the hospital,he was so upset to know this bad news.After staring his child's body, and then taking a glance on his wife,he said four words.
Guess what the husband said.....................................................??????

Answer: {I Love You Darling}
This reponse was so proactive {It means recontrolling the situation instead of controlling by the situation)
This husband is the genius of human relationship because the death of his son was the fact , even though they still continue blaming each other. It just aroused more heart breaking.Moreover,he 's not only losing his child ,his wife also losing a son too.
From this story,the theme is to expose the layers of human choice.The same tragedy,you can blame on someone or blaming yourself for good.However,the fact won't be change,It just change you and your coming life, carrying all the hurting feeling into your whole life. Vice Versa,puting down your hate,scare ,anger and your past.Bravely to face the future,the situation won't be bad like what you think.
Very simple story,but,how many people can act like this.When I heard the statement "I Love You Darling",I have a heavy feeling.This simple statement,but you need to have how long to train yourself,how big the capacity to accept people's mistake,how deep the human wisdom you have????Then you can say this powerful statement at this momment.Everyone have a sad matter that don't want anyone to know.What kind of method you choose to deal with it and how you deal with the future and the people around you.I want to share my feeling and blessing all my friend having smooth and happy forever.
1.When you came across your ture love,you need to do your best to take this opportunity to go with him.
Beause when he left,no way you can get it back.
2.When you came across your trustful friend,you need to get along with him peacefully,
Because he 's so hard to get a true friend in one's life.
3.When you came across someone helping you,you need to appreciate them,
Because they are your turning point in your life,
4.When you came across with someone you love before,you have to smile and be grateful
Because they make you to understand more about love.
5.When you came across with someone you hate,you have to smile and greet them
Because they make you more stronger.
6.When you came across with someone betray you,you have to chat with them,
Because ,if not him,you wont' understand the world today.
7.When you came across with someone you like,you have to praise for them
Because you like him, you must wish him happy all the time.
8.When you came across someone you know passing away,you have to thank them with you in your life
Because they were part of your wonderful memories.
9.When you came across someone that had misunderstanding before,you have to clear the misunderstand
Because you probably have that only chance to clarify yourself.
10.When you came acoss with someone that was your life partner now,you have to appreciate the way he love you.
Because you both have happiness and true love.